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Birth Defects Treatment India, Chandigarh, Punjab

All such lip defects are reconstructed.


One of the commonest birth defects or congenital deformity involves paring or cleft of the upper lip on either or both sides. The floor of the nose and the hard or the soft palate may also have cleft to varying extent.

The corrective surgery is done in stages starting around three months of age depending upon the general physical condition of the baby.

Results of the surgery:

General looks of the patient are improved to a great extent after the lip continuity is restored. Surgery of the palate helps to improve symptoms like regurgitation of food & liquids from nose and development of speech.


One or both ears may have varying defects. The ear may be absent, rudimentary, cup shaped, too large, fan shaped, crumpled or bat ear shaped. There may be extra appendages, tubercles or missing or large ear lobule. Such defects are present alone or in association with other defects of skull and face.

Single or multistage surgeries are required to correct the deformity.

Results of the surgery:

Some of the defects can be totally removed while others show varying degree of improvement.


The individual is born with extra finger or thumb or one or two extra digits (polydactyly). There may be missing or fused fingers (syndactyly). Finger may show abnormal bending at normal joints. The size of the finger or toes may enlarge several times more than adjoining digits (macrodactyly). Sometimes deep grooves are present on the digits. All such cases are operated early in life.

Results of the surgery:

Generally Good


Black or hyperpigmented large moles or nevus are present any where on the body. These may be hairy when they are termed as hairy nevus. There can be red or pigmentary lesions that are either raised or flush with the skin surface. These are abnormal lesions arising from blood vessels and are called haemangiomas.

The surgery is mainly done for cosmetic purpose or if the lesion is growing and causing some problem.

Results of the surgery:

Most hairy nevi and other lesions are removed and replaced by skin grafts or skin flaps. Treatment with Laser also helps in vascular lesions. The results depend upon type of lesion but generally are good.


Due to this defect the child has swelling or protrusion anywhere along the spine. This protrusion incorporates spinal chord coverings and cerebrospianal fluid and varying amount of nerve tissue. Depending upon the contents it is termed as meningocoele, meningomyelocoele or encphalocoele if brain tissue is also incorporated.

Sometimes there is no protrusion but a tuft of hair at the back.

Results of the surgery:

The surgery is done early and is aimed at closing the defect in the spinal canal. The results depend on the nature of the defect. Any hairy patch can be removed effectively by skin grafting.

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