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About US

Dr. V.D.Singh


(All Degrees are board certified by Indian Medical Council)


Dr. VD Singh, born on 1st September 1954, is the chief consultant at the VM Plastic Surgery Center.

He is a medical graduate from the prestigious Govt. Medical College and VJ hospital, Amritsar, India and did his post graduation (MS) with honours in general surgery from the same institution under the able guidance of an eminent surgeon, Professor BS Tung, former State Director Research & Medical Education.

Dr. VD Singh had his further training in plastic surgery and did superspecialization MCh under Professor RS Thind, former president of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and amongst the senior teachers in the country.

Dr. VD Singh has successfully performed more than fifteen thousand operations during his surgical carrier spanning over thirty two years.


Dr. VD Singh is a keen learner and keeps updating his knowledge by regularly attending various CMEs and National & International conferences

Receiving Visiting Professorship Award at the National Conference in Mumbai

Rotary Award of Honour given by Health Minister of Rwanda, Africa for operating in International Medical Mission in Africa.

Pride Of Tricity award being given by Health Minister, Haryana.

Sharing stage with Honourable Governor of Punjab & Haryana

Participating in Scientific session at International Congress, Kyoto, Japan.

Delivering Lecture on Plastic Surgery at Rotary Club in Louisiana, USA

Being honoured by President Rotary Club, Tokyo, Japan

Operating for poor cases in Africa

As a Trainer Plastic Surgeon in Mongolia

Conducting a Cosmetic Thread lifting Training Workshop for Doctors.

Performing Plastic Surgeries in Mongolia

Sharing some lighter moments with Ian T. Jackson

Ian T Jackson (USA)

Director, Institute for Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Detroit, USA. Pioneered several surgical techniques and has great contributions in the field of craniofacial surgery.

Listening to Ian Macgregor

Ian A McGregor (UK)

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow. A senior Plastic Surgeon who has written many text books and atlases on various fields of plastic surgery.

Discussing with Randall

Peter Randall (UK)

A Plastic Surgeon of great recognition, who pioneered several techniques in the management of cleft deformities.

Admiring Rank

B.K. Rank (Australia)

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Royal Melbourne Hospital. Contributed in the field of Hand injuries and wrote ‘Surgery of Repair as applied to Hand Injuries.’

Inquiring from Asopa

HR Asopa (India)

Director Asopa Hospital, Agra, India, formerly Professor & Head Surgery Deptt. Medical College Agra. Famous for his pioneer works in the single stage operative management of hypospadias.

Sherrel J Aston & Ivo Pitanguy

Dr Aston

Dr Aston, writer of several book is organizer par excellence. Aston's visionary training program 'The cutting edge' symposiums have helped many aspirants to learn correct way of doing aesthetic surgeries from the masters of the techniques.

Foad Nahai, USA

Dr Foad Nahai

Dr Foad Nahai is the author of The Art Of Aesthetic Surgery. A true legend in Aesthetic Surgery and an excellent human being who is always in pursuit of bringing out literature to help the budding Plastic surgeons.

Daniel Marchac, France

Prof. Marchac

Prof. Marchac a renowned surgeon from Paris, France is a gentle giant of expertise in craniofacial, nose and face surgery.

Thomas M Biggs, US

Prof. Biggs

Prof. Biggs is an iconic figure in modern Plastic Surgery. his quest to learn, excel and share his wisdom with juniors makes him adorable allover the world.

With YG Illouz, France: Inventor of Liposuction.

Prof YG Illouz

Prof YG Illouz pioneered the technique of Liposuction, this is most commonly done operation today to get rid of unwanted fat deposits from body.

IT Jackson OR Team, USA

IT Jackson OR Team, USA

Dr VD Singh was visiting Plastic surgeon at Institute for Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Southfield, Michigan US. Prof Jackson is one of the most respected and loved Plastic surgeon in India who has helped many to sharpen their skills in several fields of Plastic Surgery.

Chairing a scientific session

Dr VD Singh

At the annual conference of Indian Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2009, Dr VD Singh was invited to chair a scientific session as faculty.

Sharing some lighter moments with Dr. Ian Taylor and Dr Ronald Zuker

IPRAS , 2009 Congress New Delhi.

Dr VD Singh with Dr. Ian Taylor, Australia and Dr Ronald Zuker from Canada.

Participating in Houston USA.

ISAPS , 17TH Congress, Houston USA.

Dr VD Singh participated as an delegate from India in the 17th Congress of he International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2004.

Conference at Vancouver Canada

IPRAS, 2011, International Congress at Vancouver Canada

Dr VD Singh was invited to present his work on Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty.

Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

Jack P Gunter & Rod J Rohrich

Dr VD Singh learnt the finer aspects of Nose Reshaping surgery from these two Stalwarts in USA.


Dr VD Singh

Dr VD Singh was elected as President of the North Zone Association of Plastic Surgeons of India at the conference held in DMC Ludhiana, India

After the Workshop on BeautiPhication

Dr Arthur Swift, Canada

Dr Arthur Swift has done pioneer work in implementing Phi proportions to various Facial Rejuvenation procedures.


  • Chief consultant plastic surgeon, VM Plastic Surgery, Landmark Hospital, Sec-33C, Chandigarh.
  • Visiting plastic surgeon:
    • OJAS Hospital, SECTOR 26 PANCHKULA
    • Chakrawarty, Nursing Home, Panchkula.

Dr. Monika Singh


'Perhaps in no other field of medicine is the careful psychological evaluation and handling of the patient more important than in plastic surgery'.

Dr. Monika Singh

Disfigurement especially of the face or dysfunction of a body part can lead to severe psychological repercussions such as lowered self-esteem and altered social image. Depression, anxiety states and phobias or panic conditions may creep in. Such conditions may lead an affected individual to withdraw from the society. Not only his ailment bothers him but he also may have to face the wrath of neglect and despair from rejection by some non-cooperating individuals in our society. Such are the phases when plastic surgery seeking patients need the help and support of able clinical psychologist.

Proper rehabilitation and return to the active social mainstream of these patients is our sincere endeavor. The services of our clinical psychologist help us in achieving this goal.

Ms Monika Singh, DM & SP(NIMHANS) is a very renowned senior clinical psychologist. Formerly faculty member for more than a decade in the department of psychiatry in the State Medical College at Patiala, she is fully associated with VM Plastic Surgery Center.

She is Life member of the Association of Clinical Psychologist of India.

About the Centre

VM Plastic Surgery Center is the first center that provides exclusive facilities for plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh.

Emphasis is given to now popular concept of 'day surgery ' where patients are sent home following surgery on the same day. This not only cuts down the expenditure but also allows the patient to feel comfortable in his own place amongst his family members.

By providing class treatment at very nominal cost to all categories of patients this center is popular both with rich and the poor.

Dr. VD Singh, chief consultant at this center is a senior plastic surgeon who has successfully performed more than8000 surgeries over the span of 30 years.

This center also provides services of a clinical psychologist who if required, helps by counseling and also undertakes psychological evaluation of cases.

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