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Pamela Miller, Ireland

'Fortune favours the Brave' - undertaking major cosmetic surgery need not be a nightmare. Research and careful planning are the key issues. Many friends gasped in shock when I announced that I was heading to India for Plastic Surgery, for my self esteem alone, it was long overdue. My initial consultation with Dr V.D. Singh, dispelled any apprehensions that where lingering. Dr Singh's professionalism, understanding, composure, left little doubt I would be in 'safe hands'. He explained in detail the full procedure,taking time to point out the best option for me, outlining the length of time for healing, when sutures would be removed, after care etc.above all, it would be totally painless, he also guaranteed I would be improved by 10 years. On all accounts, he kept his word. The after care from his staff from the Receptionist and Nurses both male and female, assured complete care and attention at all times in theRecovery Room. I travelled from Ireland to India in order to have my life transformed and have absolutely no regrets. I leave my details and would be happy to discuss with anyone wishing to avail of Surgery I can recommend Dr Singh with confidence for affordable Surgery. My only regret is that I left it too late in life - I should have done it years ago and the myths would have been dispelled a lot sooner.

Pamela Miller,
Co Longford ,


R Wassan, Atlanta, USA

Just to let u know that i am safely back in England and you be glad to know that i did not come undone on the way. I am feeling a lot better most of the swelling is gone and the stitches have healed nicely. I feel a lot better about myself mentally. All the people here keep saying how well i look. I have not started any exercises yet but all being well i will start next week. And i would like to thanks you very much it has been a very nice experience. And i am glad i chose you as my surgeon i know it was luck somebody up there is looking out for me. And please tell all the staff at the hospital thanks. all the staff was lovely. I would surely recommend you to anybody without hesitation.

Thanks once again.


Simone T., Australia

Hi again Dr Singh, Not only am I well, but look fabulous. Why? The surgery and recovery was very good. The pre-consultation was very professional and informative. An excellent outcome thanks to you and your staff. What made it easier was the attentive and caring environment. Even after I left India I was able to get advice and after care, promptly and efficiently. Not to mention how inexpensive it was. Made me wonder why I didn't do it 10 years ago! Still, I look 10 years younger now! So I am very pleased and thank you and your staff again.

Simone T.,
Melbourne, Australia.


Amy Sprague (USA)

Found Dr. singh to be competent, reasonable and caring in Pre-operative and post operative care. The staff at his office and at the hospital were very nice and professional. The level of personal care was above reproach.
I had an abdominoplasty (suturing together of the muscles) liposuction and tummy tuck as well as double chin liposuction.
After the surgery I found myself in very little pain considering the large amount of surgery I had. I was able to get up without help in about 24 hours and within days was walking the shopping mall nearby.
I found the city of Chandigarh beautiful, i havefriends there that took me to see all the wonderful sites, particularly the Rock garden and nearby Hindu Temple.
As far as results of the surgery without the extra fat around my belly I find myself less embarrassed and more confident and for that I am grateful. You must keep your expectations realistic, you will not go in looking horrible and come out like a model but you will look and feel better in smaller clothes and that is a reasonable expectation of this surgery no matter what country you go to.
I would recommend this clinic because you will get the same standard of care and treatment as you would in any western country for less money and get a vacation while you are at it.

Amy Sprague.


Mrs SK Saggar, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Thank you Dr VD Singh for making me sooo comfortable. I could never imagine that I could reshape my large breasts so beautifully. It was not only social embarrassment but extreme physical discomfort carrying on with them for over 15 years!
It has been 2 years now and I feel great and bouncy!! God bless you for taking care of me so well and kindly give my love to your entire team for making me feel so special.

Thanks once again.


Ms. Jodi, Central London, UK

Dear Dr Singh,
It was wonderful to be in India and to meet you all. I am fine here and looking forward to your visit.
I must thank you for a very comforting experience during my stay. You have a magical touch, i feel and look a lot better. Initially I was quite afraid of travel to India and surgery. But your conduct and expertise made me forget all fears. I can now tell number of people here to go to you for many more cosmetic procedures at much lesser cost than here in UK.



Joey, Las Vegas, USA.

Hi, Dr Singh, you did it well. Now that I feel great of taking off my shirt at the pool and the beach. Great. yeah, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I was totally asleep, no pain, no dreams. To get up and see those funny breasts gone was such big relief. Thanks. I am back to work but still feel some sharp transient pain on one side , I am sure it’ll get better for it’s just over 5 weeks only and you told me things would stabilize after 8 weeks or so ?
I shall mail you my post surgery pics. Sure.

Well, India is a great Country and I shall surely visit again.

Bye and Thanks,


Mr JS Ahluwalia ,Manhattan, New York. USA

Dear Dr Singh,
I reached here and I am fine. It has been 3 weeks of surgery and I have no complaints but only thanks. I am looking much better and younger with so many load off my eyelids. Even those black circles have disappeared. I knew our doctors in India are very best that is why I came to you and spent much less amount and met my old friends.
You told me that you keep coming to New York. Do inform me before your next visit; it would be good to meet you here.

Thanking you once again.
Jatinder Singh.

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